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Author Names Paper Title DOI/Link Journal Scopus/Sjr
Vipada Sitabutr

Samart Deebhijarn

Community-based enterprise export strategy success: Thailand’s OTOP branding program Business and Economic Horizons

Vol. 13, Issue 3
pp. 368-382.

Puris Sornsaruht
Sudaporn Sawmong
Antecedents of Thai Select restaurant brand loyalty in the United Kingdom Business and Economic Horizons

Vol. 13, Issue 4
pp. 478-495

Adilak Pumim

Chalita Srinuan

Vinai Panjakajornsak

Mobile Phone Customer Loyalty in Thailand: A Path Analysis Case Study The Asia-Pacific Social Science Review (APSSR)
Sujira Vuthisopon | Chalita Srinuan Low-Cost Carrier Passenger Repurchase Intention: A Structural Equation Model Analysis  The Asia-Pacific Social Science Review (APSSR)