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AIJSS aims to advance contemporary research on Asian social science topics in the fields of education, innovative technologies, infrastructure, international finance and micro-finance,  the environment, sustainability, corporate social responsibility, business and management, as well as other fields deemed interesting to the editors and readers alike. Quantitative and qualitative studies are welcome. AIJSS is a peerreviewed open access journal published quarterly (January, April, July, and October).

Our publication mission for 2018 is to focus on the ‘International’ in the journal’s name.  Papers showing broad regional scope are highly recommended. Researchers (both apprentice and seasoned), are encouraged to submit their empirical, conceptual, applied papers, or case studies for publication to Ms. Montana at msmontanakmitl@gmail.com .




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Vol. 17, No 4, 2017
October – December, 2017
ISSN 2539-6102

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All works licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

These articles have been through an editorial-board review process or peer-reviewed and accepted for publication in the Asian International Journal of Social Sciences, but some are pending final changes, and proof-reading. Additionally, titles, authors, abstracts, and keywords may change before FINAL publication in PDF format.

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Papers/Authors                                                                                          Page

Belt and Road (B&R) Initiative and its impact on ASEAN Integration: From a perspective of structural realism 4-27
Ke He  
https://doi.org/10.29139/aijss.20170401 PDF
Empirical approach to endorsement marketing and consumer fanaticism of telecom firms Nigeria’s Rivers State 28-44
Joy E. Akahome and Jackson Cyprian  
https://doi.org/10.29139/aijss.20170402 PDF
Open budget systems and participatory budgeting in Africa: A comparative analysis of Nigeria and Ghana, 2012 and 2015 45-74
Emeka C. Iloh, Michael E. Nwokedi, Chikamso C. Apeh and Chizoba Obidigbo  
https://doi.org/10.29139/aijss.20170403 PDF
Flipping the classroom: Dilemmas and challenges for a 21st Century classroom 75-94
Napatcha Pradubthong, Sirirat Petsangsri, and Paitoon Pimdee  
https://doi.org/10.29139/aijss.20170404 PDF
Constructionism learning skills for Thai vocational student internship teachers:  Comparing conceptual models   95-110
Sirikanya Netrthanon, Sirirat Petsangsri and Paitoon Pimdee  
https://doi.org/10.29139/aijss.20170405 (Assigned) PDF
An empirical assessment of the impact of technical standards on the export of meat in Nigeria  111-xx
Queeneth Odichi Ekeocha  
https://doi.org/10.29139/aijss.20170406 (Assigned) PDF
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