Empirical approach to endorsement marketing and consumer fanaticism of telecom firms Nigeria’s Rivers State

Joy E. Akahome
Department of Business Administration
Federal University Otuoke
Bayelsa State, Nigeria

Cyprian, Jackson
OJL Research Centre (IRC)
Choba, Port Harcourt

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Akahome, J. E., & Jacksom C. (2017). Empirical approach to endorsement marketing and consumer fanaticism of telecom firms Nigeria’s Rivers State. Asian International Journal of Social Sciences, 17(4), 28 – 44.


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The paper is an empirical investigation of the relationship between endorsement marketing and consumer fanaticism of telecomm firms in Rivers State. A sample of 200 customers of selected telecomm firms were surveyed and 196 copies of questionnaire were returned and valid after data collation and cleaning for analysis using Pearson’s Product Moment Correlation with the aid of SPSS version 21.0. Based on findings, the paper concludes that celebrity-product-fit has a strong relationship with consumer fanaticism of telecom firms in Rivers State. Amongst the recommendations is that more investment should be made on endorsement marketing activities as it enhances consumers’ brand recognition.

Keywords: brand addiction, celebrity-product-fit, devotion, endorsement marketing, perceived risk, telecom firms



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