Updated 2 February 2018

This is an outline that is given at both conferences and university workshops. If your faculty would like to know more about these workshops, please contact Ms. Montana at msmontanakmitl@gmail.com. Thank you.

Workshop Topics

  • How many English language journals are there?
  • How many Open Access journals are there?
  • How many journals are in Scopus?
  • Which ones are the biggest?
  • What is an ISSN? January 2018 Newsletter
    ISSN Portal
  • Secrets to selecting the right journal.
  • Why journals look for reasons to reject your paper.
  • The reality of academic publishing.
  • How many words/pages should my paper be?
  • How can I how determine if a journal is SJR/Scopus indexed?
  • What is the Crossref system/database?
  • What are Turnitin and iThenicate, and how does it affect me? Problems with this software discussion.
  • How to build the correct questionnaire items (not questions!).
  • What is a Likert Scale and how many levels should I use?
    53 Interpretations
  • Why it is a very bad idea to submit multiple papers to many journals/publishers at the same time.
  • What is ‘JANE‘?
  • What are Google Alerts and why should I use them?
  • Who are the primary publishers and how difficult is it to submit and get a paper accepted by each?
  • How long does it take to publish in an SJR/Scopus indexed journal?
  • What is TCI and can I use it?
  • What is the ACI and can I use it?
  • How important are the 3-4 experts that will review my paper?
  • What reference system should I use? (APA, Harvard, Chicago, IEEE, etc.)
  • What are the differences between APA, Harvard, Chicago, and IEEE and which publishers and journals use each?
  • Why is it critical that I submit my paper with the correct referencing system?
  • What is Sage Open and should I consider it for my paper?
  • Which university publishers (and countries) should I consider for my paper?
  • Which conferences are good for me to attend?
  • What conferences were on the Beall list?
  • What is the Beall list? Does it still exist?
  • What is the Cabell Black List?
  • How long (pages, words, tables, etc.) should my paper be?
  • How long and what should my title say?
  • How many references should I have?
  • How large a sample size is expected from my editors and reviewers?
  • Which formulas/criteria should I use to calculate sample-size?
  • How detailed should my ‘respondents’ characteristics’ be?
  • What type of tables/figures are expected in my manuscript?
  • How do I write a ‘Statement of the Problem‘?
  • How do I write a structured Abstract?
  • How long should an Abstract be?
  • What should be in the Introduction?
  • What should be in the Literature Review?
  • What should be in the Methods section?
  • Sampling Strategies and their Advantages and Disadvantages
  • What should be in the Results section?
  • What should be in the Discussion section?
  • What should a Conclusion say?
  • How many references should I have?
  • How old can my references be?
  • How do I write a cover letter?
  • What are the most common mistakes in submitting a paper?
  • What is a DOI and is one required?
  • What is ‘crossref’? WikiPedia,
  • What is ‘plagiarism‘? APA’s discussion.
  • What is ‘self-plagiarism? Is it illegal? Unethical?
  • Much more to come……




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