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Smart education needs smart instructors

Edward M. Reeve


Smart Dairy Farming through the Internet of Things (IoT)

Poonsri Vate-U-Lan, Donna Quigley and Panicos Masouras


First steps in teaching computational thinking through mobile technology and robotics

Titipan Phetsrikran, Wansuree Massagram and Antony Harfield


Incidence of Herdsmen Militancy in Southern Nigeria: A Threat-Import Analysis

Uchenna Simeon


Management information system model supporting the quality assurance of schools in Thailand

Daoprakai Raso, Pariyaporn Tungkunanan and Abhichat Anukulwech
(Undergoing English language editing)


From millennium development goals to sustainable development goals: Gender and inclusive electoral politics in Nigeria, 1999 – 2015.

Emeka C. Iloh, Michael E. Nwokedi and  Queeneth Ekeocha

(Undergoing final formatting)


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