Papers/Authors Page
In vitro regeneration and hyperhydricity reduction of Lobelia Chinenss Lou

Weng Hing Thong, Maziah Mahmood, and Mohd. Puah Abdullah

4 – 25
Using the mass media to enhance English major students’ language learning and cultural knowledge

 Patcharee Muangnakin

26 – 53
A theoretical synthesis of knowledge sharing and educational leadership for sustaining learning communities

Kanog-on Rungrojngarmcharoen

54 – 68
Integrating a sustainable learning culture through English-medium programs in Thai universities: Reflections from a classroom practice

Supaporn Chalapati and Siriporn Peters

69 – 88
An investigation into motivation and language learning strategies to improve critical reading employed by high and low English ability students

Ratima Tianchai, Songsri Sornastaporn, Thanayus Thanathiti, and Karansupamas Engchuan

89 – 105
An investigation of vocabulary learning strategies employed by high and low English proficiency students based on selected vocabulary from a business corpus

Kusuma Pitukwong, Songsri Soranasathaporn, Thanayus Thanathiti, and Karansupamas Engchuan

106 – 119